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Vishoka Meditation® Course

Experience the complete system of Vishoka Meditation in this instructor-led meditation course including in-depth lectures, practicums, and experiential training.

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Vishoka Meditation Course
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15 Hours of Learning

For Yoga Practitioners

Live Learning at Home

Vishoka Meditation Course

Inner Peace is Your Birthright

Imagine a life free from pain, sorrow, and negativity and infused with joy and tranquility.

The ancient yogis called this state Vishoka and insisted that we all can achieve it. The key is a precise set of meditative techniques designed to unite the mind and breath and turn them inward.

Uncover Your Radiance

Experience the Complete Practice of Vishoka Meditation

Group 22

Expert Guidance

Learn key foundational practices, explore the spiritual origins of Vishoka Meditation, and receive direct guidance from our expert teachers.

Group 13

Online Community

Participate live from an easy-to-use online portal amongst a supportive community of like-minded seekers. Watch live or re-play the videos.

Group 17

Free Bonus Teachings

Receive complimentary access to the Digital Companion course, including over 6 hours of teachings and downloadable guided practices.

Time-Tested Meditation Technique

Vishoka Meditation Course Features

Vishoka Meditation Course

What You’ll Learn:

  • Practice the entire system of Vishoka Meditation
  • Learn the art of uniting breath and mind to turn them inward
  • Explore the ancient wisdom tradition which gave birth to Vishoka Meditation
  • Practice key foundational pranayama practices
  • Train in diaphragmatic breathing and systematic relaxation
  • Explore key refinements for a comfortable meditation posture
  • Adopt a yogic lifestyle that is the foundation of Vishoka Meditation
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This course is designed for students of all proficiencies, from those just beginning on the path of yoga or meditation to experienced meditators and yoga teachers.

November 3—12, 2023

Vishoka Meditation® Course

Learn the entire system of Vishoka Meditation step-by-step through in-depth lectures and practicums

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Expert Guidance

Meet Your Meditation Guide

Ishan Tigunait, Himalayan Institute Executive Director

Growing up at the Himalayan Institute, Ishan Tigunait received his first spiritual lessons from Swami Rama of the Himalayas and has continued his spiritual education for the past 30 years under his father’s guidance, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Ishan serves as Executive Director of the Himalayan Institute and Chairman of Yoga International and has been a driving force for the Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian projects in Africa over the past 15 years. He also serves as Managing Director of Himalayan Institute India and spearheaded the Institute’s newest campus in Khajuraho, India.

Ishan Tigunait

Ishan Tigunait

Executive Director

Ishan’s passion is sharing modern reflections on the ancient wisdom of the yogic and tantric traditions. As a Himalayan Institute faculty member, he is a key contributor to the Vishoka Meditation program and the Institute’s 300-hour yoga teacher training program and also leads annual pilgrimages to India and the Himalayas.

Holding a degree in computer engineering, Ishan worked for IBM before returning to the Himalayan Institute in 2006. Ishan is also co-founder of Moka Origins, a socially conscious bean-to-bar chocolate maker and specialty coffee roaster. He is an avid social entrepreneur and is committed to sharing the transformational power of yoga to unleash our full potential.